June 22, 2024
How to Stop Lagging in Mobile Legends and Rank Up Smoothly!

How to Stop Lagging in Mobile Legends and Rank Up Smoothly!

Do you love playing Mobile Legends but hate it when the game starts to lag? Lag is like you’re trying to run fast, but your feet feel like they’re stuck in mud. Don’t worry! Here are some super cool tips to help you stop the lag and push your rank up without any hitches.

1. Check Your Internet Connection for Mobile Legends

The first thing you need to do is check your internet connection. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal or a stable mobile data connection. Sometimes Wi-Fi at home can be faster than mobile data, so try using that. But remember, if a lot of people are using the same Wi-Fi, it can slow down your connection.

2. Close Other Apps

When you’re about to play Mobile Legends, make sure you close any other apps that are open on your phone. Other apps running in the background can make your phone work harder, which can cause lag. So before you start your game, shut down other apps like social media or videos that you’re not using.

3. Clean Up Your Phone’s Cache

Your phone’s cache is like a storage area that keeps temporary data. Sometimes, if the cache gets too full, it can make your games lag. You can clear your cache in your phone’s settings. But remember, ask your parents or older siblings for help so you don’t delete something important!

4. Choose the Right Server in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, you can choose which server you use. Try to pick a server that is closest to where you live. Servers that are closer usually give you a better connection and reduce lag.

5. Turn On Speed Mode

Mobile Legends has a cool feature called Speed Mode. This feature helps reduce lag by improving your connection performance. You can turn it on in the game’s settings. Just keep in mind, this feature might use more of your internet data.

6. Update Your Mobile Legends Game

Make sure your Mobile Legends game is updated to the latest version. The newest updates usually have fixes for bugs and connection issues. So, check the app store or play store and update your game if there’s a newer version available.

7. Use 4G or 5G Network

If you’re using mobile data, try using a 4G or 5G network. These networks are usually faster and more stable than 3G, which can help reduce lag while you’re playing.

8. Play Mobile Legends at the Right Time

Sometimes, the game servers can get really busy, especially during certain times like in the evening or on weekends. Try playing at quieter times, like in the morning or early afternoon.

9. Check Your Phone

Lastly, make sure your phone is good enough to play Mobile Legends. If your phone is old and often lags, it might be time to ask your parents or older siblings to consider an SLOTJARWO upgrade.


So, there you have it! Follow these tips, and you can play Mobile Legends without worrying about lag. With a smoother game, you’ll have a better chance of pushing your rank up. Happy gaming, and good luck with your rank push!